sell music online

Sell music online now is only a matter of few clicks you don’t need a label or any middle part between you and the music distributor, which will increase your earning tremendously,and also give your the real independency that was never reached before, the old era of music distribution is gone.

There is a lot of music distribution platforms on the market they are pretty much the same in terms of the services that they offer,the only difference though is the pricing that they are charging the artists.

There are  wide range of pricing from low to high that really depend on who the company members are and what are their beliefs, are they really artists and know exactly what is like to be that, and where the artist’s money should be spent on, of course a lot of these companies don’t care for all of this, that is why they are putting a price .

Yes the music distribution must be FREE the company should go with the artist for better and for worst .

The artist should really spend his money on a better production, and a better promotion

Why do we even want to pay if there is a FREE option, if you agree with me try out IAZAWAN service it is totally  FREE  nothing to lose