1. Log in to the Freevevo website. This will take you to your videos dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Add Video’ button. This starts the video publication wizard.

Step 1: Enter the required video metadata (Artist, Title, ISRC code.)
If you do not wish to enter additional information as in Step 2, submit the data by clicking on the Submit button. If you wish to enter optional data, click the Next button (see Step 2). After submitting your data you will be taken to the file upload tab(See Step 3)
Step 2: Enter optional video metadata (Producer, Director …)
You do not need to complete this step unless you wish to enter optional data.
Step 3: Upload your video file: (.mov | .wmv | .avi | .mpg | .mpeg | .mp4 | .png | .flv)
After successfully uploading your video a notification will be sent to the Freevevo support team and we’ll start processing your video right away. Please bear in mind that every video goes through a QA process at Freevevo. We need to verify that your video content does not breach any terms in your contract. If everything is ok, your video will be published in the next 48 hours and we’ll send you a notification email.

After submitting a video for publication, it can take any time up to 6 to 48 hours to complete publishing. Every video submitted to Freevevo goes through a QA process. We need to verify that your video content meets the requirements of our publishing partner.

  1. Our customer needs to have full copyrights for the video content
  2. The video needs to have an ISRC which uniquely identifies it
  3. A video source file in any of the following formats: (.mov | .wmv | .avi | .mpg | .mpeg | .mp4 | .png | .flv)
  4. A video and artist image
  5. A YouTube channel(This will be created by Freevevo)

Vevo does not allow any text/ graphics displayed before the video begins or after the video ends, no text occupying the lower third corner of the video (chyrons). Your video should be clean at all times.
Click here to view a list of what not to include in your videos:

When you distribute your videos through Freevevo your videos do not just get published to YouTube but are published to every Vevo platform. This allows your videos to be reached by a wider range of audiences. The result of this is increased video view counts and a greater revenue earning potential.

Anguilla, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,Ireland,Anguilla,Australia,Bermuda,Brazil,Canada,Spain,Falkland Islands (Malvinas), France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Ireland, British Indian Ocean Territory, Italy, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Pitcairn, Puerto Rico, Saint Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States, Virgin Islands, British, Germany

No, VEVO manages all the created channels. Requested changes (i.e. images or social links) should be submitted via email.

Submit all change requests via email:


optional banner image (2560×1440), Profile image (800×800)

You cannot create a promoter VEVO channel. You will need to create a channel for each artist.

Yes, you can upload videos to the existing channels. Please notify your current provider to ensure the existing channel has not been removed (include on the form )

No, your new channel is separate from your existing channel, for this reason views cannot be merged. If you’d like to direct all your viewers to your VEVO page you can remove your video from YouTube or you can keep the video on both sites

Yes you can switch to another distributor

Yes all the views, likes, reviews of the previous music videos remains the same

Yes if you contact inform him that you are switching to another distributor and you wish to keep your channel

everything is free :  you have one free channel creation and free unlimited video to upload ,We only take a 30 % Royalties

yes we do contracts but generally it includes terms that protect the customer and the company  and more importantly the customer is free to cancel at any time no charges no fees it’s total freedom

Yes it is possible for that contact info@freevevo.com

yes it is possible to arrange a banner and a profile picture

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